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Get support for hard conversations

While we prefer to counsel clients on a voluntary basis, the Intervention Coaching service exists because it can be hard to have tough conversations with colleagues, especially if they are a high performer. This service is aimed at executives or managers in need of urgent coaching for a high performing individual on their team who needs to change their behavior or leave. It is always preferable to have honest conversations as soon as issues arise but if you haven't done so, Intervention Coaching is a great , "last try" to help those individuals change for the benefit of everyone involved.

Too often employees are judged (and let go) without due diligence as an "easy solution to the problem" while other solutions could have been found. Or on the other hand, nothing is done and other employees decide to leave. Having been both the firer and the fired, we strive for an honest - and fair - look at the situation by investigating all sides before defining a coaching plan, or stating that the employee should leave.

Intervention Coaching requires observing the individual in their day to day interactions with others for a period of several weeks to a month. Results vary depending on the individual’s will to change and his/her attachment to his/her role, but also the willingness of management - and colleagues - to compromise and learn along with the individual being coached. 

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