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Studies show that a diverse team is more productive, innovative & profitable over the long term. However teams remain homogenous because diversity also brings discomfort and a need to change one's habits. When  a new member joins a team there will be a "storming" (conflict) phase sure but that is a normal part of any team's journey towards greater inclusivity and productivity. The key to solve this is: being aware and having honest discussions about discomfort on both sides. It's time to transform the selection and  of employees based on what they look like to embracing equal evaluation of all based on the complementary  perspective they can bring. 

We developped this service for companies & leaders fighting a particularly rampant type of bias in their organization or team. For example tech companies often need a deeper dive into Gender Bias due to the few number of women in that field. Companies from older industries on the other hand often need a deeper dive into Age Bias or Ethnicity Bias as they might have a tendency to look down on younger or diverse employees. Meanwhile a company which has recently expanded abroad, or which faces productivity issues with its project teams working across offices in the world, often would need a deeper dive into Cultural Bias.

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How to keep younger employees engaged

The climate change movement has brought age bias to centerstage when Greta Thunberg suffered hainous attacks for being a teenager wanting to "make a positive difference in the world", to the point of being called delirious. Yet thanks to her efforts climate change is finally taken seriously by politicians. 

In companies, employee turnover is at its highest in decades. 
A major cause of this turnover is the lack of understanding & recognition Millenials and Gen Z employees feel from their managers and older peers.  And while young employees feel limited by their older peers, older employees feel disrespected & misunderstood as well, so it is key for companies to tackle Age Bias head on.  

In this Age Bias Workshop, we teach older employees & leaders how to engage and retain Millenials by changing their own mindset from "limit & keep it all" to "expand & teach it all". (Based on practical examples lived & seen in the workplace)

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