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With a decade experience in the tech industry managing multi-disciplinary and multinational teams we have seen our share of ineffective teams, products or services. But we have noticed these problems can easily be solutioned with a pair of fresh and honest eyes, and a good grasp of modern management practices.

We focus on what is at the core of your organization: people. We want to make sure they feel included, empowered and valued, as that is the key to your organization's ongoing success.  Once you get internal success going, outside success follows.  

We are located in cosmopolitan New York City making it easy for us to service both local and international clients, in English or French. 

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"We were blessed with a remarkable group of employees who valued change and wanted to rethink how we create. How could we unable the talents of these people, keep them happy, and not let the inevitable complexities that come with any collaborative endeavor undo us along the way? Looking around I realized we had traditions that didn't put people first.

The focus on people - their habits, talents and values - was the job I assigned myself and the one that still animates me to this day. We would be a company that would never settle."

Ed Catmull, Co-Founder of Pixar, from his book Creativity, Inc.

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