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3. Coaching: Services

Coaching is where true transformation starts. While workshops and assessments are a great way to look in the right direction, coaching guarantees results in that new direction.

Agile is a good example of the difference. Many teams have tried to implement the Agile framework or mindset only to find low to no results to their productivity, collaboration or empowerment level. That is because the performance of a team depends on many small yet regular habits that are hard to pinpoint when they are your "normal".

Bringing in an outside coach helps have a fresh pair of eyes on your "normal" practices, backed by experience watching both productive and unproductive teams in many different environments. The good news is that most changes needed to go from good to great, or from mediocre to great, are small easy changes. The hardest part is "seeing" them, and willing to try going about your day to day in a new way. 

And if you like our work with a team, our transformation service brings those positive changes to as many teams as desired throughout your organization. 

3. Coaching: Text
3. Coaching: Services


The goal is to find out what prevents the team from building quality products or providing quality service. We infuse a quality oriented mindset in the team and improve processes that hinder effectiveness.

This benefits the company (by streamlining costs and speeding up delivery), the employees (by developing a sense of pride & purpose in their work) and the customers (by providing higher quality products/services).



While our other coaching areas are done with teams, leadership coaching is done with individual leaders/managers on a 1 on 1 basis. There still is observation on the field, as we need to see how the manager interacts with others to coach them properly, but the goal here is to help the manager, not the team or how they do their work. 

Leadership coaching includes Executive Coaching, Manager Coaching and Intervention Coaching. 

3. Coaching: Services
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