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Assess your Performance

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2. Assessment: Services

Bringing outside eyes into your company to analywze your processes or culture takes courage, and a true willingness to do what's best for your employees and customers. Leaders understand that "knowing what's really going on" in day to day operations is the first step to improve issues outside of their executive perview and that an outside analysis is a great way to shed a light on those issues.  This is the goal of our Assessments.

Our notes, analysis and recommendations, drafted while observing your processes and employee mindsets, will be formatted into a report and ordered by simplicity of implementation. Our motto is "Business Transformation made easy", we guarantee many simple changes, in addition to the more costly ones other firms usually go for.

The goal of an assessment is to give you pointers on how to bring positive change in your company on your own, but you can also decide to have us help with the implementation via our Coaching or Transformation services. 

2. Assessment: Text

For Operational Excellence, Agile and Leadership we will observe your employees for a given period of time and ask hem many questions about processes and "why things are done the way they are". As we do so, you can request regular reporting on our findings, or just wait for our final report. Final reports include what we saw and recommendations on how to improve the issues discovered.

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2. Assessment: Services

For Employee Experience and DEI, we will use employee surveys in addition to observation and questioning on the field. Final reports will include survey results, analysis of those results, and recommendations,  in addition to the regular report made from observations and questioning in person with your teams.

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2. Assessment: Services

For Customer Experience, we will test your product or service like a first time customer, and provide a report on the issues we've seen. This can be visiting your restaurant, hotel or store, surfing your website or app, or trying a physical product. A customer survey and observations on the field - like for the other areas of focus - can also be conducted if desired.


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2. Assessment: Services
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